2019 Seattle Cascades – “Off the Grid” (Audio)

2019 Seattle Cascades World Championship Performance:

“Off the Grid” by Brandon Smith, © Off the Wall Publications

“Asphalt Cocktail” by John Mackey, © OSTI Music

“I’ve Got the World on a String” by Ted Koehler, Harold Arlen, © BMG Firefly obo Ted Koehler Music Co., S.A. Music

“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Matthew Aitken, Michael Stock, Peter Waterman, © Universal – Songs of Polygram obo Side Songs LTD, Universal Music-Careers obo All Boys Music LTD, Kobalt Music Pub America I obo Mike Stock Pub Limited

“Nitro” by Frank Ticheli, © Robert Avnet Margolis dba Manhattan Beach Music

“High Wire” by John Mackey, © OSTI Music