2021 The Cadets – “Shall Always Be” (Audio)

2021 The Cadets Celebration Performance:

“Everything Old is New Again” by Carole Sager, Peter Woolnough Allen, © Alley Music Corp., Irving Music, Trio Music Company, Inc., Woolnough Music

“Simple Gifts” by Aaron Copland, © Boosey & Hawkes Inc

“Rocky Point Holiday” by Ron Nelson, © Boosey & Hawkes Inc

“Dancer in the Dark” by Bjork Gudmundsdottir, © Jora Ehf

“Moon Dance” by Van Morrison, © Caledonia Soul Music

“Great Moments in Cinema Part 3 Cadillac in the Skies / Land Race” by John Williams, © Songs of Universal, Inc OBO Warner-Barham Music LLC